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Tony Sfiers Organic Fibre Boost 500 Serves! - Designer Physique

by Tony Sfeirs

Gluten Free, 100% Natural, Non Gmo, Vegan Fibre Booster!


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  • Description

    Tony Sfeir’s Fibre Boost contains Psyllium Husk which is a proven colon cleanser.  The fibre contained in this product absorbs water and provides bulk which slows the stomach emptying and keeps appetite satisfied for longer. This process, in turn, reduces the glycemic index of a meal and provides a slower absorption of glucose into the bloodstream which will help reduce hypoglycemic overeating episodes.

    The Psyllium Husk in this product is ground so finely that it can reach the smallest hard to reach the smallest parts of the colon, ensuring a much more effective cleanse. It also has the ability to expand to over 100 times its original density and is, therefore, an excellent source of natural fibre, essential to keep you regular. This powder is not grainy like many other colon cleansing products and mixes easily with your favourite liquids.

  • Key Points
    • 100% Natural
    • Rich in Soluble and Insoluble Fibre
    • No added sugar
    • Free from all animal products
    • Low GI
    • Low fat
    • Gluten free
    • Psyllium is rich in soluble fibre and may be used as a laxative.
    • Can Expand to 100 times original density
    • Non Grainy and mixes Easily
  • Our thoughts

    Fibre boost is an excellent addition to a healthy balanced diet. It will keep digestion in check and stop any nasty hypoglycemic episodes from happening and keep bathroom visits regular. The fact that it is such a fine powder makes it a lot easier to consume that all other Fibre powders we have tried as they tend to be very grainy. Directions say to mix in with water or juice, we however suggest where possible the use of a blender to best mix this product with your favourite juice or smoothie.

  • Directions

    Mix half a teaspoon in water or juice twice a day separately from other supplements. Once mixed drink immediately and drink an extra glass of water with each serve. Increase serving size gradually over 2 weeks to two teaspoons. Always read the label before use. 

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