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Formula 19 by Blackstone Labs - Carbohydrate Formula!

by Blackstone Labs

Carbohydrate formula for increased muscle mass and faster recovery!


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  • Description
    Formula 19 by Blackstone Labs is an innovative carbohydrate formula, perfect for consumption directly after training. As you complete your workout, your muscles are incredibly receptive to nutrients for a short period of time. This is commonly dubbed, "the anabolic window". Consuming fast acting protein and carbohydrates during this window (up to 20 minutes post-training) allows the muscles to kickstart their recovery phase. Formula 19, stocked at Genesis Nutrition, is loaded with a 50g carbohydrate blend, combining poly, mono and trisaccharides - fast acting carbs which require minimal digestion. Also found inside is a 10g glutamine blend, 5g of L-Leucine and 200mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid - a powerful anti-oxidant.
  • Key Points
    • Rapidly absorbed
    • Low sugar
    • Increase muscle size
    • Enhanced glycogen replenishment
    • Sustained energy
  • Our thoughts

    If you're looking for a fast acting carbohydrate recovery formula for use after training, then look no further! Known for their incredible pre workout - Dust V2 - amongst others, Blackstone Labs have again delivered the goods when it comes to building serious muscle. The team at Genesis knows that many athletes forget that carbohydrates are essential to muscle growth; it's the timing that's all-important. By consuming Formula 19 by Blackstone Labs directly after training, you're nurturing a perfect muscle building environment, delivering essential nutrients to your damaged muscles.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition Australia recommends that you combine 1-3 scoops into 6-18 ounces of water in a shaker bottle, shake well and consume anytime through the day aiding glycogen replenishment.

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