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Full Boar Sling Shot by Sling Shot

Provides Assistance with Bench Press, Dips & Pushups! 


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  • Description

    Full Boar Sling Shot by Mark Bell is an intermediate level bench press training support designed to teach optimal form and technique during the bench press! It can be used for CNS training helping muscle stimulation for gains in both size and strength! It's an excellent tool to handle heavier weights for more volume!

  • Key Points

    • Level 4 Tension
    • Angled Sleeve Construction
    • Great for both Volume & Maximal Loading
  • Our thoughts

    Full Boar is a versatile training tool and has been designed to cater for all levels from the elite powerlifter to the CrossFit athlete! It provides a more comfortable fit and it’s also great for lifters with longer arms! A big thumbs up from the Genesis Team! 

  • Directions

    The Genesis Team recommends following the manufacturer's directions. 

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