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Gangsta Knee Sleeves by Sling Shot

Great Compression & Support Powerlifting Sleeves destroying the competition with maximum explosion!


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  • Description

    Gangsta Knee Sleeves by Sling Shot are some of the most durable knee sleeves on the market, designed to give you maximal support and warmth in heavier compound static movements!

    The original Knee Sleeves are 7mm thick, however, Gangsta Knee Sleeves are 9.5mm thick ensuring you're hitting those PB's! The patented design helps to create a comfortable fit while also preventing sleeve movement during your exercises

  • Key Points

    • Level 5 Compression
    • Stiff & Secure
    • Maximum Support
    • Maximum Comfort
  • Our thoughts

    Gangsta Knee Sleeves are designed to support everything from the rigours of IPF powerlifting to the crucible of the Crossfit competition! They are super heavy duty while being comfortable, providing you with maximum support! A big thumbs up from the team at Genesis!

  • Directions

    The Genesis Team recommends using the Gangsta Knee Sleeves from your first warm up to your 1 rep MAX!


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