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Hydracup Dual Shaker - 2 Shakers in One!

by Hydracup

Multi Purpose Shaker! Prep two drinks in one convenient shaker!


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  • Description
    Hydracup believe in staying prepared in both fitness and outside the gym, this all starts with saving time! The innovative Dual Shaker was originally designed for prep and storage of both your pre and post-workout drinks in one shaker. Since its inception, it has quickly ground a cult-like following and is now not only used for drinks but can easily store a post-workout shake on one side and your vitamins in the other, or just use as a normal single drink shaker. Hydracup is introducing the idea of only one shaker forever.
  • Key Points
    • BPA Free
    • Dual Shaker Ability
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Mix Two Drinks At One Time
    • Volume Measurements For Each Side
  • Our thoughts

    Hydracup is revolutionising the common drink bottle and we love it! We can all admit we have fallen victim to forgetting either or pre or post-workout drink at home, but that worry is now gone with the Dual Shaker. We loved that you didn't need to have specifically two drinks on the go at once, but easily fill one side with your chosen beverage and the other with ice to keep it cool and not have a watered down drink. Hydracup has gone above and beyond with this one, the shaker world has forever been changed. Definitely, Genesis Approved!

  • Directions

    Open lid, remove turbine mixer, pour in water and preferred supplement, shake and enjoy! For best consistency of the product you are mixing, it is best to pour in the water first then the powder. We recommend rinsing this product (and any other plastic food container) before first use as it may have a slight plastic odour otherwise.

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