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GH Blast by Dorian Yates - Sleep Formula!

by Dorian Yates

A true investment in the quality of your sleep!


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  • Description
    Do you struggle with sleep, are you dealing with poor recovery or don’t feel rested upon waking in the morning? GH Blast by Dorian Yates is designed to induce both physical and mental relaxation and recovery by assisting the regulation of mood, a feeling of calmness and also by reducing the tension in muscle tissue in order to allow complete restful sleep. GH Blast is specially formulated for competing bodybuilders and weightlifters, and it is one of the most effective sleep aids. By helping to facilitate the body’s release of multiple hormone compounds, this product not only acts as a sleep aid but also works on promoting deeper, more restful hours of sleep.  
  • Key Points
    • Deeper Sleep
    • Enhanced recovery
    • Mood enhancement
    • Enhanced performance 
  • Our thoughts

    In a world where stimulants are a staple in performance-enhancing supplements, it is critical that your mind and body gets the recovery it needs at night. If you have not yet tried GH Blast you're missing out because GH Blast is a true investment in the quality of your sleep, recovery and health in general.

  • Directions

    As per manufactures directions of use.

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