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Giant Pump by Giant Sports | Non Stimulant Nitric Oxide Amplifier | Genesis

by Giant Sports

Increasing pumps while building muscle!


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  • Description

    Giant sports may be a relatively new company in the industry but each of their products has been met with extremely positive reviews such as the ever-popular Delicious Protein. Giant Sports newest product release is Giant Pump, a Non-Stimulant, Nitric Oxide boosting pre-workout product containing no caffeine – this makes it great for users who train late in the afternoon or who shift work and are concerned about being not being able to fall asleep after training due to still having a lot of energy.

    With such high dosages of nitric oxide amplifying ingredients such as 1.5g of glutamine nitrate and a huge 1g dosing of agmatine sulfate, this amazing product allows your muscles to get more oxygen. This, in turn, means you will are able to train at a higher athletic level whilst decreasing the amount of lactic acid build up resulting in a higher volume of weight training with less fatigue. Giant sports used sodium glycerophosphate which will give you a dry and vascular pump unlike any other, promoting a muscle fullness without the added water retention/wet you’re your muscles can get from other Nitric Oxide supplements.

  • Key Points
    • Increased nitric oxide production due to the huge 1g dose of agmatine sulphate and 1.5g of glutamine nitrate
    • Increase power and endurance by increasing NO production.
    • Stimulant free product resulting in no crash due to no caffeine
    • Recovery and growth of muscle tissue from the 150mg of norvaline.
    • Dry and vascular pump from containing sodium glycerophosphate
  • Our thoughts

    With their being so many nitric oxide pre workouts in the market it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you? Giants Sports have gone one step further with this product by having a non-proprietary blend, listing all the ingredients on the label – which is very rare in this area of the market.

    The high dosages of critical nutrients like amino acids, vitamins and minerals along with NO2 amplifiers on the back of the nutrient panel are a clear indication that this stuff WORKS! The added 150mg of Norvaline, which is known to promote tissue regeneration and muscle growth further add to the benefits of Giant pump. Giant Sports Giant Pump not only tastes great, but has a much more faint flavour that you can expect from many nitric oxide boosters – this makes flavour matching with your favourite stimulant pre-workout easy!

  • Directions

    To ensure absolute maximum performance, consume 1-2 scoops of Giant Pump on an empty stomach with 400ml of water approximately 30 minutes prior to exercise. The most common use of Giant Pump is as an addition to a serving of pre workout – Energy plus Pump = Amazing Workouts!

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