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GlycoFuse by Gaspari | Peformance and Recovery Supercarb

by Gaspari Nutrition

Helps to fuel your workouts and keeps your muscles looking full!


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  • Description
    Gaspari has cleverly formulated a ground-breaking supplement that will take muscle gains to a whole new level. GlycoFuse is a performance and recovery supercarb supplement that helps to fuel your body with the necessary carbs and to keep your muscles looking full and volumised. Carbohydrates fuel the body's glycolytic and anaerobic ATP-PC energy systems which assist with maximising true athletic performance. Gaspari has developed this formula with only pure highly branched cyclic dextrin which helps to enhance performance and endurance. If you are wanting long-lasting energy that will fuel your body to smash out an intense workout then GlycoFuse is the perfect product for you! 
  • Key Points
    • Rapid Performance
    • Muscle Recovery
    • 25 grams of Protein
    • Sugar-Free
    • Enhance Endurance
  • Our thoughts

    Here at Genesis, we would highly recommend this super-carb supplement for anyone wanting to gain additional carbs in their day to provide your body with various health benefits including long-lasting energy, nutrients for muscle gains and assistance with enhancing your workout performance. Gaspari has formulated this supplement with only high-quality ingredients making GlycoFuse one of the most potent supercarb supplements currently on our shelves!

  • Directions

    Add 1 scoop per 8-12 fl. oz. (236-354 mL) of water. Take before, during or after training.

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