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Glycolog by Blackstone Labs | CLEARANCE

Mimic the effects of insulin with this quality product!


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  • Description
    We know that insulin is a very important hormone which is vital for carbohydrates and other nutrients to be processed in our body, and it’s also extremely important when it comes to recovery, muscle growth and fat loss. Blackstone Labs Glycolog is an insulin mimetic and nutrient partitioning agent. This Genesis approved product mimics the effects of insulin and upregulates the enzymes that control how much glycogen and amino acids your body adds to existing muscle tissue. The result? Glycogol makes your pancreas work for you; partitioning off the insulin your pancreas secretes to work anabolically, instead of as a storage compound.
  • Key Points
    • Insulin mimetic
    • Assists with muscle gain
    • Assists with fat loss
    • Increases bio availability of carbohydrates
  • Our thoughts

    Blackstone Labs are consistently creating innovative new formulas, and Glycogol is definitely one of them. An insulin mimetic and nutrient partitioner, Glycogol helps your body direct insulin to where it is needed most, and when it is needed most. Taking Glycogol alongside carbohydrates will greatly increase their ability to be shuttled to the muscle.

  • Directions

    Take 3 capsules with 1-2 high carb meals throughout the day. This would ideally be first thing in the morning and post-workout. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day.

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