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GlycoSlin by Kodiak

by Kodiak
Ensure your bodies nutrients are where they need to be with GlycoSlin by Kodiak - an advanced insulin mimetic glucose disposal agent!

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  • Description
    If you are hoping to manage your body composition, there’s one thing that you must be doing: managing your blood glucose level. Insulin, which is a hormone that helps control excess sugar in the blood is going to have a direct influence over whether your body is currently storing carbohydrates as body fat or shuttling them towards lean muscle mass.The more insulin present, the more likely you’ll be storing body fat, so by keeping insulin levels down, you can keep yourself leaner in the long run. This is precisely what Glyoslin by Kodiak Sports Nutrition sets out to do.
  • Key Points
    • Improve the rate in which your muscles are able to take up glucose present in the blood stream. This can help you store more muscle glycogen, which in turn gives you more endurance during exercise and an also be used to help with improving the rate in which you are building new lean muscle mass

    • Improves your insulin sensitivity, which can have a direct influence over the type of weight you gain when in a calorie surplus. Those with good insulin sensitivity tend to increase lean muscle mass when excess calories are consumed while those with poor insulin sensitivity tend to gain body fat

    • Improve nutrient utilisation in the body, which means you’ll reap higher overall health benefits from the foods you are eating.

    • Improve overall digestion, reducing digestive distress along with gas and bloating

  • Our thoughts

    This product has been specifically designed for those who are attempting to build muscle and thus are consuming a higher calorie diet. In the face of a higher calorie diet, you want to be doing everything you can to ramp up your ability to use those calories to generate lean muscle tissue, rather than storing them as body fat.

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines. 

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