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Grass-Fed Whey by Muscle Pharm Naturals | WPI

by Muscle Pharm

25 grams of protein with no added hormones, no artificial ingredients, and no added sugar!


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  • Description
    Grass-Fed Whey by Muscle Pharm Naturals is a ground-breaking protein that has been developed from the healthiest cows that have been fed with a natural diet. This protein is highly purified since the protein goes through microfiltration to remove unwanted fat, lactose, and cholesterol. Grass-Fed Whey consists of 25 grams of delicious whey protein that contains no artificial flavours, sweeteners, and colours. 
  • Key Points
    • Natural Protein
    • Microfiltration Process
    • 25 Grams of Protein
    • No Artificial Sweeteners and Colours
    • No Fats, Lactose or Cholesterol
  • Our thoughts

    The whole Genesis would highly recommend Grass-Fed by Muscle Pharm Naturals to anyone wanting a more natural and organic protein supplement. Grass-Fed Whey by Muscle Pharm Naturals is one of the most healthy yet delicious protein powders since it has been formulated with natural ingredients, as well as been through the microfiltration process so Muscle Pharm could eliminate any unwanted fats, lactose, and other unhealthy properties. We have given Muscle Pharm's new product, Grass-Fed Whey, a 10/10 rating so order yours today at! You will not regret it!

  • Directions recommends following the instructions of the manufacturer. 

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