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Gro Pronto by Tim Muriello | BCAA

by Tim Muriello Muscle

The ultimate Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) supplement!


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  • Description
    Gro Pronto by Tim Muriello is the ultimate Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) supplement to help you get optimal muscle growth and recovery between your workout sessions. Branched Chain Amino Acids work wonders for muscle growth and development as they turn off the catabolic processes found in muscle cells and turn on the anabolic ones instead. Gro Pronto works to help boost your energy, promote faster recovery, increase muscle strength and reduce fatigue. Plus, it contains a variety of beneficial ingredients such as EAAs, electrolytes for hydration, bromelain to enhance nutrient absorption in the body and L-glutamine to promote faster overall recovery between workouts. 
  • Key Points
    • Increase Energy
    • Improve Muscle Strength
    • Faster Recovery
    • Reduce Fatigue
    • Hydrating
  • Our thoughts

    If you’re looking for a BCAA supplement that will help you see faster overall muscle growth and more efficient recovery between workouts, then Gro Pronto by Tim Muriello is the right supplement for you! Gro Pronto is packed with all the right ingredients to help you stay hydrated, increase energy and recover faster than ever before. We also love its mouth-watering taste and added ‘extras’ that make this product stand out from other BCAA supplements on the market. If you’re not using Gro Pronto by Tim Muriello, you are missing out on your true potential! 

  • Directions

    Consume throughout the day, in between meals, during your workout for intra-workout muscle protection & nourishment, or immediately after working out to initiate the post-workout muscle recovery & repair process.

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