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Hype Extreme by Blackstone Labs – Nitric Oxide Booster!

by Blackstone Labs

Awesome Non-Stim Pre-Workout!


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  • Description
    More than just a facelift on the original Hype, Hype Extreme is an entirely new formula that has been crafted by the team at Blackstone Labs to ensure you achieve incredible pump, vascularity, and power during your workout! Notable differences include the use of hydromax, a glycerol/silica mix that is far superior to glycerol on its own. When a series of nootropics all working together to enhance brain function and focus, while also reducing fatigue, are added to an already potent formula, you can rest assured your training sessions are in the right hand's thanks to Blackstone Labs!
  • Key Points
    • Monster sized pump
    • Enhanced Vascularity
    • Improved attention and focus
    • Increase in overall performance output
    • Delicious taste, and crash free
  • Our thoughts

    Blackstone Labs are industry leaders when it comes to hardcore products, and their stim-free formula in Hype Extreme carries on that legacy! We were blown away by how truly powerful it is for a non-stimulant product, with laser sharp focus and a boost to power output really aiding in heavy sessions! Add to that the fact that the pump delivered by Hype Extreme is up there with the most intense our team have ever experienced! If you need all the power and pump, with no crash, Hype Extreme is an obvious choice! Definitely, Genesis-approved!

  • Directions

    1 scoop in 200-400ml of water approximately 30 minutes before training. To ensure the best consistency possible, mix together using one of our Protein Shakers.

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