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Immuno Boost by Tony Sfeirs - L-Glutamine!

by Tony Sfeirs

Boost your immunity with this 100% natural, naturally fermented and premium quality supplement by Tony Sfeirs!


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  • Description

    Immuno Boost by Tony Sfeirs is your key to optimal performance. It is made from L-Glutamine, an amino acid that the body manufactures. Glutamine stores in the body are in great demand, especially during times of intense stress such as physical training. Whilst training, glutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body, which decreases strength, stamina and recovery

  • Key Points
    • No added Sugar or Sweeteners
    • No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives
    • Gluten Free/Vegan
    • 33.3 serves per 100g
  • Our thoughts

    Your small intestines requires the most glutamine in your body, and your immune system also needs glutamine to keep illnesses at bay. This is why L-Glutamine supplementation is so important, not necessarily to gain more muscle, but for the ‘maintenance’ of a healthy immune system.

  • Directions recommends taking Immuno Boost before and/or after training, or before bed. Best results are achieved in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Always consult the label before use. 

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