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Incredible Bulk by Evolve - Mass Gainer!

by Evolve

Increase strength and gain mass with this delicious protein that will help you train harder and recover faster!


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  • Description

    Incredible Bulk by Evolve has been designed as a highly concentrated protein supplement which utilises the repairing abilities of whey and casein protein. Incredible Bulk’s fast and slow releasing proteins provide a steady stream of amino acids to the body, which promotes greater repair and new muscle growth.

    Flooding the muscles with a 2-stage blend of carbohydrates helps to replenish glycogen levels and provides further fuel for the muscles, aiding the body as an energy source during training. Incredible Bulk by Evolve is ideal for athletes looking to stimulate massive growth, put on size or for those looking to increase their daily caloric intake.

  • Key Points
    • Massive weight gain
    • Promote increased strength
    • Added BCAAs
    • Increase lean muscle mass
    • Faster recovery
  • Our thoughts

    Incredible Bulk by Evolve is a fearsome weight gainer. Eating 6 meals a day sometimes isn’t realistic for everyone; especially when those meals need to be 600-900 calories each. To promote mass gain, it’s essential that the body stays in caloric surplus as you train. Enter, the Incredible Bulk. Weighing in at 289 calories per serving, 28.5 from protein and 39.2 from carbohydrates, this is a Genesis approved mass gainer which will help you stack on muscle without all the excess body fat.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition Australia recommends mixing 80g (2 SCOOPS) in 400 - 600ml water or low fat milk in a shaker or blender. Take one serve daily in addition to regular meals. Serve can be divided and taken as two smaller servings. Best times for use are immediately after exercise or training, as a between meal snack or before bed. 

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