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Insane Gainz by Insane Labz

Enhance testosterone levels, increase muscle mass and increase strength!


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  • Description

    Insane Gainz by Insane Labz has been designed to awaken your inner beast. Promoting increased testosterone and anabolic activity, Insane Gainz uses all-natural ingredients to stimulate the body’s natural hormone production. D-Aspartic acid has been shown in studies to elevate testosterone levels up to 40%, as well as zinc, which has long been a great anabolic enhancer.

    The benefits of using Insane Gainz include a dramatic increase in lean muscle mass, increase in overall strength and enhanced protein synthesis, allowing for faster recovery and tissue repair as well as increasing overall male vitality and concentration.

  • Key Points
    • Boost Testosterone
    • Helps Increase Strength
    • Helps add Massive Mass Gains
    • Boost Energy and Endurance
    • Improved Recovery Times
  • Our thoughts

    Insane Gainz by Insane Labz can really help you activate Beast Mode by having a quite profound effect on your natural testosterone levels. This product can assist you in boosting your strength and size but may also be used for those who struggle maintaining healthy hormone levels due to factors such as stress and overtraining.

    As a formula, this uses D-Aspartic Acid and zinc as its base, which both have substantial effects on hormone levels. It also includes epicatichens, which has been shown to inhibit myostatin: a hormone which regulates muscle growth.

  • Directions recommends taking a scoop either first thing in morning or added to your favourite pre-workout before training. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for use.

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