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Iso Mass Xtreme by Ultimate Nutrition | Complete Gainer | Genesis

by Ultimate Nutrition

Iso Mass Xtreme by Ultimate Nutrition - The Extreme Mass Gainer!


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  • Description
    IsoMass Xtreme Gainer is specially formulated for the "Hard Gainer." The Ultimate complete Mass Gainer that covers all bases for muscle growth with a precise blend of time-release proteins, high-quality complex carbohydrates, 7 types of creatine for muscle growth and recovery & 4 types of glutamine to help prevent muscle soreness. Ultimate Nutrition have really left no stone unturned when creating this mass gaining masterpiece.
  • Key Points
    • Complete Formula
    • High-Quality Ingredients
    • Added L-Glutamine
    • Added Creatine
    • Tastes Amazing
  • Our thoughts

    Iso Mass Xtreme by Ultimate Nutrition is the complete Mass Gaining Formula. Never at team Genesis have we have seen such a well-rounded Mass gaining supplement. With an array of time released proteins, high-quality carbohydrate sources, creatine complex, as well as added L-Glutamine you really are attacking mass gaining from every angle. This shake is designed for post workout, however, if you are a hard gainer and have trouble eating this shake is a perfect way to get the extra calories in with little - no bloating. 

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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