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Keyz by Black Magic

Give yourself everything you need to optimise your recovery and get back to training again sooner. 


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  • Description
    Keyz by Black Magic aims to give you everything you need to optimise your recovery process so that after each workout session, you’re feeling great and it’s not long before you’re ready to do it all again.
    When you use Keyz by Black Magic you're going to notice a dramatic increase in recovery time, less overall doms post-workout, improved hydration of muscle cells providing skin splitting pumps and lastly an overall improvement in immune function with included antioxidants.
    This is all powered by proven ingredients which in each serve you get...

    • 6000 mg of powerful BCAA’s to help provide your muscles with the specific nutrients they need to speed up the recovery process.

    • 100 mg of an antioxidant blend that contains broccoli powder, spinach, kale, whole coffee fruit extracts, acai berry concentration, green tea extract, turmeric concentrate, and many more, all designed to boost your immune system and help combat the free radical damage that can take place in the body during an intense workout session.

    • 110 mg of magnesium to help replenish what is lost during your workout session and decrease cramping.

    As you can see Black Magic has really done an awesome job when creating this product and leave you with an awesome result.

  • Key Points
    • Improve Recovery
    • Delicious Taste
    • Added Electrolytes
    • 30 Serves
  • Our thoughts

    Keyz by Black Magic is a must-have for anyone training hard who wants to take their results to the next level, therefore we love this product at Genesis!

  • Directions

    Add 1 scoop per 500ml of water. Consume throughout workout. 

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