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King Mass XL by Ronnie Coleman - Mass Gainer!

by Ronnie Coleman Series

Gain mass, increase strength and increase recovery.


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  • Description

    King Mass XL by Ronnie Coleman is the latest in weight-gaining supplementation. The 8-time Mr Olympia has packed this product with a massive 1000 calories per serve, of which 60g is protein, helping to keep your muscles seriously satisfied and in an anabolic state. In three delicious flavours: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, you’ll be thirsty for even bigger gains.

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  • Key Points
    • Massive calories
    • High protein
    • Decrease recovery time
    • Build mass
    • Decrease appetite
  • Our thoughts

    Ronnie Coleman’s King-Mass XL is a serious product for athletes looking to put on some serious size. With huge amounts of quality macronutrients, and in three easily mixable and delicious flavours, this is a solid mass gaining product.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition recommends mixing 1 serve with 500ml milk or water in a shaker.  Depending on your caloric requirements, consume 1-3 serves daily.  May also be used as a meal replacement shake.

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