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Kraken Pump by Sparta Nutrition - Stim Free PUMP Formula!

by Sparta Nutrition

If you are looking for a serious non stim pre-workout supplement, this is it.


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  • Description
    Kraken Pump by Sparta Nutrition is the newest release in the range and comes featuring a range of awesome ingredients in an open-label supplement promising to deliver some serious muscle pumps to the user. Kraken Pump is a stimulant free, pump enhancing pre-workout sure to help even the most nitric oxide-deficient individual get a massive pump. Kraken Pump includes a list of ingredients to enhance your pumps from multiple angles. If you are looking for a serious non stim pre-workout supplement, this is it.
  • Key Points
    • Stimulant Free
    • Huge Muscle Pumps
    • Open Label Design
    • Increased Nutrient Delivery
    • Delicious Flavours
  • Our thoughts

    Sparta Nutrition are one of the hottest young companies right now, riding off the success of their ever so popular Kraken Pre Workout supplement they now bring you a non stim nitric oxide boosting pre workout with a bang. Kraken Pump includes a clinical dose of L-Citrulline 6g, a great vasodilator allowing more blood and nutrients to be delivered to the working muscle, 1.5g of Nitrosigin, another patented compound that helps to elevate blood flow, increase nutrient delivery and increase pumps for hours and much more to be excited about. Definitely Genesis Approved!

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