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L-Glutamine by Evolve - 100 Natural L-Glutamine!

by Evolve

Build lean muscle tissue and prevent catabolism!


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  • Description

    L-Glutamine by Evolve is a 100% natural glutamine supplement which has become a staple in many athlete’s recovery stacks. The most abundant essential amino acid in the body, and one of the most important amino acids for muscle growth and anabolism, glutamine decreases muscle breakdown and improves the metabolism of proteins.

    By supplementing with 2g of L-Glutamine by Evolve after training, your body will enter an anabolic state of recovery wherein cell volume, hydration and recovery are improved. Studies have also shown glutamine to assist in the production of growth hormones by over 400%, aiding the immune system and providing gastrointestinal support.

  • Key Points
    • Rice fermented form of Glutamine
    • Supports new muscle growth
    • Promotes anabolism
    • All natural formula
    • Natural flavouring
  • Our thoughts

    L-Glutamine by Evolve is a 100% all-natural, rice fermented form of glutamine. As over 60% of skeletal muscle is made up of glutamine, its importance in building quality, lean muscle tissue is paramount. Glutamine is typically found in cuts of meat (steak, lamb etc), and so supplementing with a glutamine powder can help to reduce your daily caloric intake. L-Glutamine by Evolve is perfect for anyone looking to shed body fat and maintain or gain lean muscle tissue.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition Australia recommends taking 2g (1/2 tsp) in 200mL of water or with a protein shake within 20 minutes post-workout. L-Glutamine can also be taken upon waking, just prior to sleep or 20 minutes pre-workout. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers.

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