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L-Leucine by Gen-Tec Nutrition - Reduce Muscle Breakdown!

by GenTec Nutition

Induce insulin spikes and build muscle!


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  • Description
    L-Leucine by Gen-Tec is the often hailed the hero of branched chain amino acids! Responsible for inducing an insulin spike within the body, Leucine is the core anabolic amino acid that helps to build and repair muscle tissue. An anti-catabolic compound, Leucine by Gen-Tec is your muscle-building amino acid of choice!
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  • Key Points
    • Anti-Catabolic
    • Anabolic
    • Induce Insulin Response
    • Build Lean Muscle
  • Our thoughts

    At Genesis, we use L-Leucine daily. Found in EVERY BCAA formula on the planet, Leucine is the hero of intra-workout recovery, responsible for repairing and building new, lean muscle tissue. Gen-Tec's L-Leucine is pharmaceutical grade; it doesn't get any cleaner.

  • Directions

    Take 3-5g before, during and directly after training for best results. 

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