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L-Lysine by Gen-Tec Nutrition - Essential Amino Acid!

by GenTec Nutition

Boost your overall health and immunity and give cold sores the flick!


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  • Description
    Gen-Tec L-Lysine - now in stock at Genesis - is an essential amino acid known for its immune-boosting properties. Ideal for balancing out the effects of Arginine (which can encourage viruses like HSV to replicate), consuming Lycine helps to safeguard against viruses like herpes. It has also been shown to decrease anxiety and assist with the formation of collagen and muscle tissue.
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  • Key Points
    • Boost immunity
    • Safeguard against viruses
    • Reduce symptoms of cold sores
    • Combat viral replication
  • Our thoughts

    If you suffer from cold sores or are looking to boost your immunity to viruses, Gen-Tec L-Lycine is an ideal amino acid for you. With valid research to support its effects on treating the symptoms of the Herpes Simplex Virus, L-Lycine helps to support the immune system and also works to heal muscle tissue.

  • Directions

    Take 2-3 times per day for those who suffer from cold sores or for those who want an anti-viral, immune support product

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