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LipoRush Capsules *New Version* by BPM Labs - Super Strong!

by BPM Labs

Increase your metabolism, enhance your mood, and increase your energy and focus!


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  • Description

    The masters at BPM Labs went back to the drawing board to produce a new formula that increases potential fat loss while providing a massive energy rush and laser-like focus. Liporush is not just your standard thermogenic pre-workout though it also gives consumers a euphoric feeling meaning you feel amazing whilst using the product without any nasty crash. As the name suggests Fat will be driven away from your body as the powerful combination of thermogenic ingredients increase the rate your excess fat is burned into energy.

    Liporush was specifically designed to help users achieve their weight loss goals all while increasing mood and getting rid of those nasty Visceral Fatty deposits which are not visible but can play havoc with one’s health making it the Pre Workout to have for you to look Healthy both inside and out. Liporush is not only an energy weight loss product, but it also helps in all parts of your day to day life by enhancing your overall mood.

  • Key Points
    • Incinerates Fat Cells through Apoptosis
    • Contains serious Weight loss properties
    • Cutting edge ingredients that target unwanted visceral Fat deposits
    • Rapid Energy release that lasts all day
    • Hardcore Thermogenic for serious dieters
    • Energy without the jitters or crash
    • Euphoric feel for mood enhancement throughout the day.
    • Burn Fat Cells through Apoptosis
    • Serious Thermogenic Ingredients
    • Rapid long lasting energy
    • Euphoric feeling all day 
  • Our thoughts

    This is an amazingly effective weight loss formula. It delivers on all claims as it provides a massive energy rush all while providing you unbelievably intense sessions with no nasty crash or jitters. It definitely has a euphoric effect and our mood was evidently heightened during the day. We do however suggest that you stick to the strict usage guidelines as this is a very strong product. Overall this is a standout product if weight loss through medium to intense exercise is your goal.

  • Directions

    Take 1 (one) tablet before exercise on an empty stomach to asses tolerance. An additional capsule can be consumed in the morning to activate thermogenesis and give yourself a kick-start to the day.

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