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Myoblox Loco Pre Workout

by Myoblox

Livin La vida LOCO? 


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  • Description

    Loco 7.0 by Myoblox

    Once again Myoblox has smashed this out of the park! If your looking for a hard-hitting, skin splitting, mind-blowing pre well look no further.

    Packing a big hit of Natural caffeine along with Citrulline Malate, Taurine and L-Tyrosine Loco 7.0 will give you the most intense workout.

    Citrulline Malate will give you those huge pumps, L-Tyrosine opening up your mind to a whole new world of focus to make sure you are getting that mind-muscle connection or to focus on going the distance. 

    Pair Loco up with Myoblox Blo 2.0 to take your pumps to the next level!

  • Key Points
    • 400mg caffeine 
    • 3 incredible flavours 
    • Insane Focus
  • Our thoughts

    1 serve of Loco and you will be hooked! We certainly were here at the Genesis Team the energy was amazing but because its natural caffeine there were no jitters which was a nice touch. The pump and focus were out of this world, at one point most of the team had to take a 5 min break because we were so focused on not stopping. Loco 7.0 is a must!

  • Directions

    Have 1 serve in 400ml of Cold Water 15 - 20mins prior to your session. 

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