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M-Casein by International Protein | Micellar Casein | Genesis

by International Protein
M-Casein is a low carb and slow-digesting protein designed to promote muscle growth and recovery overnight - no fillers at all!

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  • Description
    International Protein's M-CASEIN: Is designed to promote muscle growth and recovery by keeping the body in a positive nitrogen balance between meals and especially overnight. Maintain Positive Nitrogen Balance and improve overnight recovery with the unique combination of naturally occurring slow-release, muscle sparing amino acids found in M-Casein. This amazing product is Sweetened with sucralose for a pleasant taste and no unwanted compounds. No Fillers, Gluten or Stabilisers - Just 30g of high quality sustained release protein in each serve making it suitable for coeliacs and people with wheat allergies.
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  • Key Points
    • Natural Muscle Protection: High levels of threonine, glutamine and arginine.
    • Slowly Digested: Quality micellar (native) casein proteins for sustained and efficient digestion for up to 7 hours, making it perfect for use before sleep or between infrequent meals.
    • Increased Amino Acid Absorption: The slow digestion rate provided by micellar casein helps improve the absorption rate of casein’s unique amino acids, including muscle sparing glutamine, threonine and arginine.
    • Prolonged Positive Nitrogen Balance: Casein’s unique gelling properties during digestion help slow the release of amino acids prolonging the body’s state of Positive Nitrogen Balance (PNB) for maximal muscle growth & recovery.
    • Naturally High in L-Glutamine: 20% of the amino acids in Micellar Casein are Glutamine to help spare muscle during training.
    • Naturally High in Calcium & Phosphorus: Two synergistic minerals that are key to athletic performance.
  • Our thoughts

    Here at Genesis Nutrition we think that you’ll achieve best results when taken between meals or before bed, for a sustained release protein. This is one of the slowest releasing casein protein products and Genesis Nutrition think that it’s set to take the market by storm! We found it to be one of the easiest to mix and an exceptional tasting anti-catabolic protein. The crew at Genesis Nutrition recommends the Chocolate flavour. They all have a great taste and are nice and thick! If you do find them too thick try adding a bit more water to your blend.

  • Directions

    Mix 40g (1½ SCOOPS) with 350ml - 400ml of cold water, low fat milk, full cream milk or soymilk in a shaker or blender. Take 1-2 times daily when a sustained protein release is required. Best times for use are before bed or between meals. Not recommended for use immediately after training. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers.

    M-Casein is naturally thicker than WPI and mixes into a thicker, more dessert-like consistency. It can be used to make protein ‘pudding’ by adding half the recommended amount of liquid, or into a full bodied shake by using the recommended amount.

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