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M-Stak by Universal Nutrition

Working as hard as you can and barely seeing results? Universal Nutrition M-Stak is your answer!


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  • Description
    M-Stak by Universal Nutrition is specifically designed for hard gainers boasting a powerful amino acid and natural anabolic flavones formula for serious gains. If you find yourself hitting plateaus in the gym, not going up in weight on the scales, working as hard as you can and barely seeing results, then Universal Nutrition M-Stak is your answer to all hard gainer problems. Get ready to feel great, push more weight and make some serious gains.
  • Key Points
    • Non Hormonal Anabolic Pack
    • Loaded with Leucine and Anabolic Flavones
    • Aid with Nutrient Partitioning Efficiency
    • Promotes Protein Synthesis & Nitrogen Retention
    • Can Help Reduce Inflammation
  • Our thoughts

    Universal Nutrition has been around for 30+ years and is one of the most well-known supplement companies in the world for good reason. Not only standing the test of time, Universal Nutrition continuously brings out highly effective and powerful products that truly work. M-Stak is no exception and is one of the best hard gainer packs we have ever seen. With added amino and flavones for enhanced performance and promotion of lean muscle gains, anyone chasing gains needs this product. 

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