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Mentality by 5 Percent Nutrition

Mentality by 5% Nutrition can help to improve focus and increase sustained energy - from the most serious athlete to casual gamer!

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  • Description
    Mentality is a unique and revolutionary product designed to give you a sustained mental edge over the competition in any arena. Mentality has been designed for anyone including athletes, business people, students, gamers or anyone that requires long lasting mental strength, concentration and productivity. Containing combination of amino acids, herbs and superfoods proven to help to endure sustained periods of high mental performance.
  • Key Points
    • Mental focus
    • Assists in energy production
    • Improved focus and concentration
    • Perfect as a Pre-workout add on!
    • Vitamin complex
    • Contains caffeine to aid in alertness
  • Our thoughts

    Mentality delivers super strong focus and a sense of purpose which leaves you in an extremely motivated and productive state without feeling edgy or hyperactive. It has not been designed to deliver a sudden hit of energy like a pre-workout but instead to deliver a long lasting sustained feeling of increased energy and mental clarity which we feel they have definitely achieved. Mentality has done this by utilising both immediate and sustained release energy and focus ingredients.

  • Directions

    According to the manufacturers guidelines this product is best taken in the following manner:

    Take 3 Capsules in the morning with a meal or without a meal for greater impact. You may take another 3 capsules later in the day. After accessing your tolerance, you may take up to 6 Capsules per does up to twice per day. 

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