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Micronized Instant BCAA Powder by Optimum Nutrition | Amino Acid | BCAA

by Optimum Nutrition

Power Packed Amino Acid Formula to have you performing at your Best!


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  • Description

    Instantized BCAA 5000 Powder by Optimum Nutrition is a power-packed product that provides a 5000 mg blend of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine) in every serving. The Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), are named after their unique branched chemical structure, these are essential because the body cannot make them from other compounds. In recent times, these amino acids have been investigated for their potential anticatabolic (preventing muscle breakdown) and anabolic (muscle building) effects.

  • Key Points
    • Build Lean Muscle
    • Prevent Muscle Breakdown
    • Highly Concentrated
    • Energy
    • Promote Protein Synthesis in Muscle
  • Our thoughts

    Micronized Instant BCAA Powder by Optimum Nutrition is a great product to support muscle function and repair. Some other BCAA products can be difficult to mix but Optimum Nutrition has produced a fantastic intantised formula which insures easy mixing and keeps the BCAAs suspended longer. The team loved the flavoured version. We found it very easy to mix and tasty to drink! 

  • Directions

    Mix 2 (two) level scoops of Optimum Nutrition’s BCAA 5000 in about 250ml of water and consume pre, intra or post workout. Alternatively mix into a water bottle and sip throughout the day. Always read manufacturer directions for use. 

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