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Mr Hyde Nitro X by Pro Supps | High Stim Pre-Workout

by Pro Supps

This high-intensity pre-workout will give you the need energy boost to get you through the day and your toughest workouts!


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  • Description
    Mr. Hyde Nitro X is one of the most potent pre-workout formulations currently on the market. Mr. Hyde Nitro X has taken pre-workout supplements to a whole new level by incorporating active ingredients that assist with enhancing energy, intensifying workouts and increasing laser-like focus. Mr. Hyde Nitro X gains its intense power from ingredients including 500mg of Nitrosigine, 1 gram of Creatine and 25mg of TeaCrine. Mr. Hyde has been developed to help with increasing muscle pumps, muscle strength and increase metabolism with potent thermogenic ingredients. Not only is this ground-breaking supplement effective, it also comes in amazing flavours that will satisfy anyone's taste buds! 
  • Key Points
    • High-Stim Pre-Workout
    • Increase Strength
    • Promote Muscle Growth
    • Enhance Laser-Like Focus
    • Amazing Flavours
  • Our thoughts

    The entire Genesis team is in love with Mr. Hyde Nitro X by Pro Supps since it is one of the most powerful supplements that we currently have on our shelves. This pre-workout formulation will assist with giving you insane energy, enhanced muscle pumps and increase overall muscle strength. If you are wanting a pre-workout that is effective and delicious, then Mr. Hyde Nitro X by Pro Supps is the perfect product for you!

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