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Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Revolution 2600 - Rapid Gainer!

by Ultimate Nutrition

Muscle Juice By Ultimate Nutrition - The Ultimate Mass Gainer!


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  • Description
    Muscle Revolution 2600 by Ultimate Nutrition is one of the most advanced weight gaining formulas on the market. It features a massive 56 grams of protein containing 170 grams of time-released carbohydrates to extend digestion time and minimise bloating. The Muscle Revolution formula also includes an exciting new addition to the carbohydrate world: Karbo-lyn, designed for elite athletes looking for a fast, clean energy source. Ultimate Nutrition has really left no stone unturned when developing this mass gainer.
  • Key Points
    • Complete Formula
    • High Protein
    • Added L-Glutamine
    • High Quality Carbohydrates
    • Tastes Amazing
  • Our thoughts

    Muscle Revolution 2600 by Ultimate Nutrition has really taken mass gainers to the next level. Featuring a huge amount of high-quality carbohydrates and quality protein, it's sure to help you pack on that much-wanted muscle mass. It packs a whopping 56 grams of protein in the exclusive Octo-Pro protein blend that combines 8 key proteins. Muscle Juice gives you a fast, moderate, and slow release protein source, making sure your muscles are fuelled all day. With added L-Glutamine for muscle recovery, Ultimate Nutrition have created the ultimate muscle gainer. Definitely, Genesis Approved!

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines. 

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