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Muscle Pharm Armor V - Multivitamin Nutrient Complex!

by Muscle Pharm

Advanced Multi Nutrient Complex!


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  • Description

    Muscle Pharm has constructed what they believe is an Intense Trainers ideal full spectrum Multi-Vitamin supplement in Armor-V. Each and every ingredient in this meticulous formulation was assembled for the high-intensity demands of serious Athletes and Weight Lifters. Armor-V was designed to fully cover any gaps in your daily supplement regimen and contains a comprehensive blend of organics, herbals and natural ingredients all combined to feed your body everything nature intended and is loaded with pure vegetable and fruit extracts, antioxidants and system optimizers.

    • The 25 vegetable and fruit concentrates contained in Armor-V will help support the demands placed on the body in times of High-Intensity Training.
    • The greens and probiotics contained aid in the support of your immune system, stabilize bacteria in your stomach, promote healthy digestion as well as boost nutrient absorption. Armor-V also supplies the ideal combination of Omega 3-6-9 and coconut oil to supply your body with healthy fats to support fat loss and further boost the Immune System.
    • Key Points
      • Complete full spectrum vitamin complex that delivers total immune support
      • B vitamins to assist energy and support metabolism
      • Added Healthy fats to promote weight loss and support the immune system
      • Greens and probiotics to enhance immunity and assist in Digestion.
      • Added Anti-Oxidants and Detoxifying Matrix
    • Our thoughts

      Armor-V does has a very impressive list of ingredients and we were very keen to sample this full spectrum Formula. Upon taking Armor-V we started to notice it effects just days into our First Bottle. An overall sense of wellness was felt and we seemed to be less tired on completion of our sessions and for the remainder of the day. This was on the recommended dose of once a day and we did not venture into the 2 dose recommendation as we feel that is a little too  much even though we were training intensely. We would also like to point out the serving size of 6 capsules as some Individuals may struggle with consuming that amount. If however consuming multiple pills does not affect you we fully endorse this Product as we felt wonderful throughout.

    • Directions

      Take One Serving (6 Capsules) Once daily. For Individuals engaged in Competition or intense Training Schedule take 2 Servings Daily( one in the Morning and one in the Afternoon) Drink Plenty of Water.

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