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Nightmare by Insane Labz

Induce A Deeper, More Restful Sleep!


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  • Description
    Prepare for a deep slumber with Nightmare, the latest sleep formula from Insane Labz. Anyone that trains know how important getting enough quality sleep is for muscle recovery and growth, without it the body isn’t able to repair and rebuild muscle tissue which can lead to a number of issues including fatigue and even injury. Thankfully Insane Labs have developed Nightmare, a potent sleep formula that ensures you get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had and leave you waking up feeling invigorated and refreshed ready to tackle the day ahead!
  • Key Points


    • Deeper REM Sleep
    • Wake Up Feeling Refreshed
    • Increased Muscle Recovery
    • Calming Effect Before Bed
    • Delicious Taste


  • Our thoughts

    Getting enough sleep is vital for anyone looking to build lean muscle. During sleep, your body gets to work repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue after an intense training session. Nightmare by Insane Labz is a powerful sleep formula designed to help you get the most from your rest by inducing a deeper REM cycle sleep, assisting to calm your mind before bed to help you fall asleep easier and leaving you feeling energised after waking up! 

  • Directions

    Take 1 serving 20 minutes before attempting to go to sleep. This is best mixed in with water.

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