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NO Xplode 3.0 by BSN

by BSN

Time to Xplode and take your next workout to the next level!


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  • Description

    Genesis Nutrition is proud to be stocking the newly reformulated N.O-Xplode. This ever-popular Pre-workout product by American company BSN will no doubt once again reign as their leading Energy and Strength formulation. The new 30 serve N.O Xplode contains an interesting mix of new ingredients and pre-workout stables such as creatine and beta alanine bringing you a formula comprised of five different matrix compounds.

    Each and every 18.5-gram scoop is designed to work in unison to deliver you an intense energy filled workout that will last well in excess of 2 hours without the dreaded post-workout crash. The Matrix names in N.O Xplode fall under the following aliases - Myogenic, Endura Shot, N.O Alpha Fusion, Thermic Energy and Shock Composite. With every matrix containing over four different ingredients the list contained in each matrix can become overwhelming but essentially consumers can expect Power and strength from the Myogenic Matrix, Muscular Endurance and Stamina from the Endura Shot, Nitric Oxide Pumps and vascularity from the N.O Alpha Fusion, Energy and Stamina from the Thermic Energy and the Shock Composite will further increase energy, cognitive function, focus and stamina. This is what makes N.O Xplode such a well-rounded product and perfect from the most serious elite athlete all the way down to first-time pre-workout users.

  • Key Points
    • Increase Energy
    • Increase Focus
    • Increase Stamina
    • Improved Nitric Oxide Production for pumps and vascularity
    • Added creatine for size, strength and endurance
    • 18.5 gram serving for sustained energy in excess of 2 hours
  • Our thoughts

    BSN has thoroughly impressed the Genesis Nutrition staff with the newest reformulation of N.O Xplode. From the very moment it touched our lips we were impressed by the taste of all the flavours and mixability was. The Energy took around 10- 15 minutes to become fully apparent and it was a smooth feeling without feeling too spaced out. It was however when we started to lift that we saw the full benefit of the product. Pump and Vascularity were incredible and the Beta Alanine content was not overpowering but did allow us to seriously smash through tough working sets and squeeze out a few more reps each set compared to normal. We trained for 1.5 hours and the energy never died making it ideal for people who do longer training sessions. Further adding to the appeal of N.O Xplode we did not experience any sort of crash post workout and due to its effectiveness.

  • Directions

    Mix 1 (one) scoop of N.O Xplode in about 400ml of water and consume 15 minutes before your workout.

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