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Outfuel by Outlast Nutrition - BCAA Complex!

by Outlast Nutrition

BCAAs For Optimal Performance And Recovery!


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  • Description

    Genesis Nutrition Australia is now stocking Outfuel by Outlast Nutrition. Outfuel is a BCAA complex designed to promote protein synthesis and support lean muscle growth. The product limits lactic acid build up as well as enhancing endurance and limiting muscle breakdown. The formula also includes ingredients that enhance your mood and improve focus.

    The addition of leucine, isoleucine and valine have been shown to reduce catabolism, reduce muscle soreness and increase recovery time so that you can get to your next workout faster. Outfuel also includes a complex that increases blood flow to the muscles to create a better muscle pump. This same complex will also increase performance during training as well as enhance recovery.


  • Key Points
    • Prevents catabolism
    • Contains Instantised BCAAs
    • Improves Mood and Focus
    • Provides Better Muscle Pump
    • Promotes Protein Synthesis
  • Our thoughts

    The Genesis Nutrition Team recommend this product to anyone wanting to experience a more intense and focused training session. The great thing about this product is the world class products that will actually improve brain health, cognitive ability, stamina, focus and energy. This wide spectrum of mental enhancing ingredients mean that you can be mentally prepared to train your hardest as well as physically prepared.

  • Directions

    1 Serving intra (during) your workout to aid in hydration and muscular performance. Additional servings during the day may be consumed to assist in the reduction of muscle break down.

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