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OxyGenic by VitaWerx | Liquid Oxygen Supplement | Genesis

by VitaWerx

Oxygenic by VitaWerx is a liquid oxygen supplement to enhance musculasr endurance!


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  • Description
    OxyGenic is a clinically formulated liquid oxygen supplement scientifically designed to increase the amount of oxygen in the body’s bloodstream, meaning greater strength, endurance and power. OxyGenic is also 100% natural and is Enhanced with the Amino Acid (dimethylglycine) to aid in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body and absorption of proteins. OxyGenic is stimulant free, banned substance free, sugar-free and so much more.
  • Key Points
    • PH Balanced
    • 100% Natural
    • Caffeine & Stimulant Free
    • Liquid Oxygen for Endurance
    • No Banned Substances
  • Our thoughts

    VitaWerx are really starting to make a name for themselves especially with their latest release OxyGenic, a liquid oxygen supplement that is 100% natural and designed to increase the amount of oxygen in the body’s bloodstream for greater muscular endurance, strength and performance. OxyGenic is suitable for anyone who participates in any type of sport or exercise activity. OxyGenic has been developed to suit a variety of people with different goals and lifestyles and is definitely, Genesis Approved.

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines!

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