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PB+ Powdered Peanut Butter by Macro Mike

by Macro Mike

High in protein and low in fat with a range of delicious flavours!


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  • Description
    For all the peanut butter lovers out there, this one is for you! PB+ is high in protein and low in fat with a range of delicious flavours. Made with natural peanut flour, 100% plant-based protein and coconut milk this product is designed to provide everything we love about traditional peanut butter without the calories! This product is also designed to be versatile and can be mixed with or combined with a variety of different things such as Oats, protein, added to hot chocolate or coffees or even drizzled over brownies – the choice is yours! 
  • Key Points
    • Mouth-watering flavours
    • Mouth-watering flavours
    • 100% Natural Ingredients
    • Dairy Free 
  • Our thoughts

    PB+ by Macro Mike – Versatile Peanut Butter without the guilt!

  • Directions
    • 1. Add 1 serving - 2tbsp (12g) to a bowl.
    • 2. Pour in 20-25mls of water.
    • 3. Stir with a spoon until nice and saucy.
    • 4. Combine with your favourite goodies and enjoy!

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