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GAT PMP (Non Stim) - Pre Workout!

by GAT German American Technologies

Stimulant free pre-workout to enhance your pumps, increase your focus and rejuvenate your muscular energy!


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  • Description
    PMP Stim-Free, or Peak Muscle Performance by GAT is a Genesis approved pre-training supplement which will enhance your pumps, increase your focus and rejuvenate your muscular energy, all without caffeine! 
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    Key Points:

  • Key Points
    • Stimulant free
    • Creatine free
    • Vascular muscle pumps
    • Laser focus
    • Muscle energy
    • Intense performance gains
  • Our thoughts

    Here at, we’ve seen and used a lot of pre-workout formulas claiming to be the “most extreme” or the “most adaptive”; it’s a market with a lot of competition, and few really stand out from the crowd. Nitraflex by GAT was a winner in every sense of the word; an innovative pre-workout formula which combined the best of clean energy with test-boosting compounds.

    So, does its stimulant-free cousin, GAT PMP Stim-Free, live up to the GAT name? Yes. If you’re looking for extreme stims and jitters, you won’t find it here, but if you like to train with focus, a solid mind-muscle connection and roadmap vascularity, then PMP’s zero-caffeine formula is the one for you. PMP Stim-Free uses a combination of beta alanine, L-Arginine Malate, L-Citrulline, L-Citrulline Malate, L-Norvaline and much more to boost nitric oxide levels. Although GAT PMP Stim-Free has proprietary elements, we can still see that we’re getting 3.125g of NO Enhancers, 900mg of Pump Accelerators, 700mg of Focus & Cognition compounds and 200mg of “PMP Energetics” (ALCAR HCI).  

  • Directions always recommends following manufacturer directions for use. 

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