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Pre Train by Rule 1

by Rule 1

Increased energy, muscle pumps and recovery time with the added bonus of BCAA's, What more could you ask from a pre-workout? Train by R1 truly is a complete performance pre-workout formula for those looking to take there training to the next level!


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  • Description

    With great excitement, Genesis offers Rule 1 Pre Train Preworkout. With a fully transparent formula which includes...

    Hi-Speed Amino Blend - containing a full dose of BCAA's to help speed up recovery while you train. BCAA's are the three most crucial amino acids the body uses to generate lean muscle tissue and prevent muscle tissue breakdown making this pre-workout perfect for someone trying to lose fat and gain muscle.

    Hi-Speed Energy Blend - with 300mg of caffeine you can be certain it's going to give you the kick and motivation needed to crush your workout. Rule 1 Train uses a combination of both slow and fast release versions of caffeine allowing users to experience an almost instant pick up without any nasty crash, making it perfect for a beginner or new pre-workout users.

    Hi-Speed NO Pump Blend - With proven ingredients, providing users with skin splitting pumps through increase blood flow. One of the most underrated benefits of pump booster is there ability to allow the body to remove waste products like lactic acid faster giving users a massive endurance edge, allowing you to train longer and harder and therefore giving you the ability to improve your training outcome and results.

    Pre-Train by Rule 1 truly is a complete pre-workout supplement that will assist with energy and mental focus, induce massive pumps and vascularity and support muscular repair with added amino acids. Whether your a runner or a strength athlete Rule 1 - Train truly is a pre-workout that will impress.

  • Key Points
    • Muscle Swelling Pumps
    • Explosive Energy
    • Mental Clarity 
    • Focus & Endurance
    • Added BCAA's
  • Our thoughts

    We at Genesis love "Train" by R1. The rare combination of both proven pre workout ingredients, providing mental clarity and extreme muscle pumps alongside a full dose of BCAA's makes this product great for anyone wanting an all in one pre workout. 

  • Directions

    Mix 1 (one) serving of  pre workout in about 250ml of water and consume 15-30 minutes before your workout. 

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