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Pro Mass by Gen-Tec Nutrition - Gentec Mass Gainer!

by GenTec Nutition

Gain weight and build muscle!


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  • Description
    Pro Mass Weight Gainer by Gen-Tec is a blend of high-quality proteins and carbohydrates, designed for athletes looking to recover from high-intensity training or athletes looking to gain weight. A combination of WPI and WPC, in addition to maltodextrin and fructose, makes Pro Mass Weight Gainer ideal for taking post-workout. 
  • Key Points
    • Added MCT Oils
    • WPI/WPC Protein Blend
    • Maltodextrin Carbohydrate Source
    • 3KG Tub Size
  • Our thoughts

    Gen-Tec Pro Mass Weight Gainer is a perfect post-workout shake, deriving its carbohydrate sources from maltodextrin and fructose. With a sustained release protein blend, Pro Mass Weight Gainer will allow you to recover around the clock, building lean muscle as you go. Genesis approved!

  • Directions

    Use Pro Mass immediately after all intense exercise to support recovery and between meals for weight gain. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for use.

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