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Probiotic SB by Herbs Of Gold

Improve gut health and improve nutrient absorption. 


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  • Description

    Digestive health importance is something that people are suddenly becoming more and more aware of in recent times. Your digestive system is responsible for the absorption of all nutrients we consume and regulates many bodily functions.

    Due to changes in diets, processed foods & poor quality cooking practices, many people struggle with their digestive systems.

    Herbs Of Golds Probiotic SB helps to maintain healthy gut flora and inhibit the growth of intestinal bacteria. The probiotics used are also room stable and have been chosen due to their ability to survive stomach acid making them far more effective in the lower intestine.

    One extremely beneficial aspect of Probiotic SB is that the probiotics used are able to resist over 50-75% of antibiotics. As most people know, antibiotics while great for killing off bad bacteria, unfortunately, they kill off the good alongside it.

    Probiotic SB is great to run alongside a course of antibiotics to try and maintain a healthy balance.

  • Key Points
    • improve digestion 
    • gut health 
    • maintain health gut flora 
  • Our thoughts

    Nearly anyone can benefit from improved gut health and probiotics and thats why we love including them into our daily supplement plan here at Genesis. 


  • Directions

    Genesis recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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