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ProCreate Capsules by XCD Nutrition - PCT Test Booster!

by XCD Nutrition

New Post Cycle Therapy Topical Cream!


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  • Description
    PROcreate by XCD Nutrition is a complete hormonal optimising formula, containing balanced levels of active bio-identical hormones and potent natural anti-estrogens.  Delivered by XCD Nutrition’s advanced topical delivery system, these delicate active ingredients are carried directly to the bloodstream enhancing their uptake and efficiency for immediate benefits, increasing male hormones to help reduce fat, build muscle and allowing you to crush your lifting session in the gym!
  • Key Points
    • Topical Cream Formula
    • Increases Anabolic & Androgenic Hormones
    • Reduces Estrogen Levels
    • Increases Testosterone
    • Supports strength, endurance & Muscle Growth
  • Our thoughts

    XCD Nutrition have outdone themselves formulating PROcreate! A blend of anti-estrogen and natural testosterone supporting ingredients delivered by XCD’s unique topical cream delivery system for rapid absorption through the skin catalyzing the conversion of powerful hormones like androstendiol and testosterone. Definitely Genesis Approved!

  • Directions

    Shower and dry skin. Apply 3-5 pumps to upper chest, abdomen and shoulders or inside of your arms. Allow for 4-5 minutes to dry before dressing.

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