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Con Cret By Promera Sports Concret Micronised Creatine

by Promera Sports

Enhance muscle endurance, recover faster, perform better!


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  • Description

    Genesis Nutrition Australia is now stocking Con-Cret by Promera Sports. Con-Cret is a concentrated creatine hydrochloride which is designed to enhance performance. This formula is for anyone looking to gain a competitive advantage. This product will help to dramatically enhance strength, endurance and muscle recovery. Being a micronized formula this means only one serve per day, no loading phase or multiple daily intakes required!

    This formula is the only creatine on the market where the dosage is measured by weight, this means you are getting the right dosage for you specifically. Con-Cret does not cause any negetive side effects common with other products like bloating and water retention.

  • Key Points
    • Muscle Endurance
    • Faster Recovery
    • Enhanced Performance
    • No negetive side effects
  • Our thoughts

    The Genesis Nutrition Team recommend this product for anyone that needs to enhance their performance, improve their endurance threshold and recover faster. Con-Cret is great for serious athletes as the improvements are dramatic. The micronized dosage and added flavour options make this an incredibly easy to consume product!

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition recommends consumers take on serve post workout on training days, and one serving first thing in the morning on non-training days. 

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