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Protein Brownie by Oatein - Oats and Protein Brownie!

by Oatein

A Quick & Easy Clean Snack To Help Meet Your Daily Macros!


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  • Description
    Continuing their awesome legacy, Oatein has crafted yet another incredible tasting, protein-rich snack from real food sources! These Brownies use fantastic ingredients, including wheat protein, to give you a filling and indulgent protein hit! Oatein has made an all-rounder product with these brownies, as they are perfect for a pre-gym snack for an energy hit, post workout for a recovery boost, or in your pantry to use as a snack whenever you want.
  • Key Points
    • Great Protein Source
    • High Fibre Content
    • Filling & Delicious
    • Soft Baked
    • Complex Carb Source
  • Our thoughts

    Delicious straight out of the packet, the team here at found that taking these Brownies out of the packet, and microwaving them for ten seconds or so took them from being incredible to being the best high protein snacks we have ever had! Delicious, filling, and made with complex carbs, these Brownies are an awesome choice for anyone who wants to indulge their sweet tooth, while still staying on diet! Definitely, Genesis-approved!

  • Directions

    Simply open and eat, or microwave for that incredible gooey texture! Amazing!

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