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Psychotic Black by Insane Labz

Packing 3 different types of caffeine in each serving, Psychotic Black by Insane Labz is a must try for pre workout lovers.


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  • Description

    If you're searching for a high stimulant pre-workout that will give you a massive kick, Psychotic Black by Insane Labz is for you. This pre-workout is seriously strong and is not for beginners...

    Insane Labz is known for their high energy products, and this is no exception. Following up from their super-popular Psychotic Gold, and the original Psychotic, the black version delivers much more punch.

    Containing 3 different types of caffeine, being caffeine anhydrous, di-caffeine malate, and caffeine citrate, this pre-workout is loaded with energy. In addition to this, we also see a big dosage of AMPiberry, a potent stimulant that will increase energy, mood and focus.

    In addition to these stimulants, you will also get a good amount of creatine monohydrate for performance, and beta-alanine for increasing endurance. As well as a focus blend of Taurine and Tyrosine to keep you alert and zoned in throughout your session.

    While this pre-workout certainly isn't for everyone, we know that high stimulant pre-workout lovers will enjoy it for sure.

  • Key Points

    Supplementing with this product you will notice:

    • Increase in energy during training.
    • Increase in focus during training.
    • Increased level of alertness during training.
    • Delayed fatigue.
  • Our thoughts

    This pre workout is strong, and is not for beginners. However if you have tried plenty of pre workouts in the past, we think you will love Psychotic Black.

  • Directions

    Take 1 serving prior to training, do not exceed 1 serving each day.

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