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R1 Cut 10 by Rule 1

by Rule 1

Increase you calorie output, improve your metabolism and burn more fat with CUT 10!


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  • Description

    Rule 1's stand out fat burner R1 CUT

    combines 10 effective and proven ingredients to help support your weight loss goals. This is an energized fat burner that aims to target weight loss from a number of angles and get you to your goals sooner.

    Rule 1 CUT 10 uses the following proven ingredients...

    • L Carnitine L Tartrate 1g: A proven amino acid that helps with the transportation of fatty acids to be used as an energy source.

    • Ashwagandha 500mg: A compound that helps to lower cortisol and stress hormone response creating a better fat-burning environment.

    • TeaCrine® 125mg: A popular source of sustained energy release that you do not build up a tolerance to.

    • Grains Of Paradise 25mg: This ingredient has been shown to increase calorie output, without altering heart rate at all.

    • CapsiMax® 35mg: An extract of red peppers, CapsiMax helps to boost body temperature and raise output.

    Therefore CUT 10 will have you stressing less, improving your calorie expenditure and increasing the per cent of calories burnt from your fat stores!

    Although this product is perfect for day time use and pre-workout we recommend considering Lean 5 for the later the parts of the day to continue keeping your metabolism firing on all cylinders!

  • Key Points
    • Increased energy
    • Improved fat metabolism and transportation
    • Increased calorie output
    • Decrease stress hormone response
  • Our thoughts

    Is weight loss is your goal then look no further than CUT 10. We at Genesis love this product for its effective doses and proven ingredients formula!

  • Directions

    Genesis recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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