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Schizo by Insane Labz – Pre Workout Stimulant Free!

by Insane Labz

Increase explosive strength and enhance focus.


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  • Description

    Schizo by Insane Labz is a one-of-a-kind, tasty stimulant/focus based pre-workout that does not contain caffeine or beta-alanine. Most people believe that the only way to achieve an energy level of any significance is to overdose on caffeine. Insane Labz has thought beyond caffeine, displaying an innovative approach rather than just double dosing.

    Schizo by Insane Labz uses a key ingredient called OXYGOLD which can assist your body’s natural ability to utilize other ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients in a more efficient way. Schizo uses a combination of 3 different creatine products for increased strength, as well as a combination of herbal stimulants and focus enhancers to create tunnel vision and concentration while avoiding the itchy tingles that may be associated with beta alanine.

  • Key Points
    • Increased energy
    • Enhanced focus
    • Increase strength
    • Caffeine free
    • Beta Alanine free
  • Our thoughts

    Insane Labz Schizo truly is a remarkable product. It tends to go against the grain of the Insane Labz product line, choosing to use no caffeine at all, and secondly, even without the use of caffeine, this product still provides great energy and focus. Schizo has effectively utilised a combination of herbal stimulants designed not only to produce substantial energy, but also to increase mental alertness.

    Insane Labz has chosen to forego beta alanine due to the tingling and itching it can cause, however have made up for this by developing a creatine cocktail, including: creatine monohydrate, magnapower creatine and creatine HCL, plus betaine to cover all of your power and strength needs, allowing you to switch on with extreme concentration and lift heavy.

  • Directions recommends taking a half scoop prior to work out to assess tolerance. Once tolerance has been assessed take one scoop prior to workout. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for use.

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