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Shred Capsules V3 by Body War Nutrition | High Stim Thermogenic Capsules | Genesis

by Body War Nutrition

Fat burning and energy boosting formula in the convenience of a capsule. 


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  • Description
    Shred caps from Body War Nutrition harnesses the fat burning power of their popular Shred powder and condenses it down into the convenience of a super strength capsule, providing a high dose formula of fat melting ingredients, assisting the body to attack stubborn body fat stores safely and effectively. Shred Caps utilise natural ingredients such as Green Tea, Bitter Orange and Cayenne Pepper extract and team it up with a powerful stimulant formula increasing energy levels, speeding up the metabolic rate while breaking down the body’s unsightly fat stores while reducing absorption of other fats. The scientists at Body War Nutrition have also addressed the issue of appetite suppression and fluid retention by adding sugar regulation ingredients to put those carb cravings to rest as well as Dandelion Root extract to reduce bloat and fluid retention from those problem areas.
  • Key Points
    • Increase energy
    • Enhance Focus
    • Speed up metabolism
    • Reduce Bloating and Fluid retention
    • Reduce appetite
  • Our thoughts

    We have become accustomed to Body War Nutrition developing quality products backed by scientific research to produce results and Shred capsules do not disappoint! Body War Nutrition's Shred 64 fat burning formula comes in an easy to swallow capsule making it a fast and convenient to stay on top of your weight loss goals anywhere, anytime. Using natural ingredients to boost energy levels throughout your day you can be assured that you will reach your goals safely and effectively when used in conjunction with the right diet and exercise plan.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition Australia recommends taking 1 capsule as one serving with 250ml of water in the morning before breakfast. Shred Caps can also be used 15 minutes before strenuous or physical activity. Do not exceed more than two capsules per day.

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