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Sleep Ease by Herbs Of Gold

Help your body wind down with Sleep Ease. 


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  • Description

    Herbs Of Gold Sleep Ease is a sleep support supplement designed to get your body in a state to sleep.

    Sleep is often the most underrated aspect of someone's recovery and many people don't get enough quality rest. While we sleep, our body releases varying hormones that help to stimulate recovery and improve our overall wellbeing.

    Herbs Of Gold Sleep Ease contains a host of natural ingredients that help to calm your body and mind down in preparation for a good nights rest. Here are some of the key ingredients...

    • Zizifus - Used in Chinese medicine for generations to help relieve sleeplessness.

    • Magnolia Bark - Helps to relieve anxiety

    • Passionflower Extract - Traditionally used to reduce restlessness caused by stress.

    • Californian Poppy - A form of natural sedative to put you in a better state to sleep.

    Improve the quality of sleep and take your progression to new heights with Herbs of Gold Sleep Ease!

  • Key Points
    • improve sleep
    • treats mild anxiety 
    • improve recovery


  • Our thoughts

    Sleep is one of if not the most important aspect to recovery. Sleep Ease by Herbs of Gold helps you improve quality of sleep leading to increased stimulation of growth and recovery hormones resulting in a faster progressing.

    We at Genesis recommend this product to anyone struggling getting a good nights sleep. 

  • Directions

    Take 2-3 capsules 45-60 minutes before going to bed

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