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Naturel Soy Protein Isolate by Tony Sfeirs - SPI!

by Tony Sfeirs

100% Natural Soy Isolate - delicious taste and completely free of gluten and added sugar! 


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  • Description

    Soy Protein is probably one of the most important aspects of a vegetarian’s diet as it is the closest vegetable protein that resembles meat proteins. Studies conclude that Soy Protein may reduce cholesterol levels and add nutritional value to other foods due to its complete amino acid profile. Studies also show that using Soy Protein Isolate may enhance and speed up the metabolism. This is excellent for people who want to lose body fat. Soy Protein is also rich in Isoflavones which is considered to help the female hormonal function.

  • Key Points
    • 88g of Protein per 100g
    • 26.4g of Protein per serve
    • Gluten Free
    • No added Sugar or Sweeteners
    • No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives
    • Non Genetically Modified (Non GMO)
  • Our thoughts

    Soy Protein Isolate can be enjoyed by vegetarians and consumers who are looking for a non dairy alternative protein source, as it contains all the essential amino acids. Non-dairy consumers will benefit from Designer Physique Soy Protein Isolate as it is enriched with added calcium providing a protein ratio equivalent to cow’s milk. This product is Genesis approved!

  • Directions

    Always follow the manufacturer directions for use. 

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